Hot Yoga Club

We are Staines’ brand new, dedicated premium hot yoga and pilates studio at The Thames Club. Designed by Amanda Free, one of the UK’s most experienced teachers of hot yoga, our unique classes are designed to deliver a progressive student experience, whilst remaining true to the origins of the discipline.

Peter Williams, Managing Director at The Thames Club, felt so passionately about hot yoga he initiated the launch of a brand new heated studio at the premium Staines club.

His love began about 5 years ago, when his partner suggested he should try Hot Yoga, as it could be something they could enjoy together and would complement his other training activities like martial arts. Always up for new experiences, Pete decided to give it a go and visited Amanda Free’s hot yoga studio in Surbiton, Amanda was the very first hot yoga instructor in the UK. Pete started on a one month trial membership, and after 2 weeks was hooked!

Over the next five years he continued to practise hot yoga and through this period got to know Amanda, learning what an incredibly talented and inspirational character she is.

So, a beautiful journey to Hot Yoga Club began…

Amanda agreed to help create Hot Yoga Club with Pete and the renovations started at the premium Staines club. The Hot Yoga Club uses the core yoga principles, adapted into a unique class style to deliver a progressive experience for every student, whilst remaining true to the origins of the discipline.

Now it’s time to start your own journey! You’ll be hooked in no time.