Staines Town FC and Tier 4

As you are no doubt aware, the Prime Minister announced on Saturday afternoon that London and most of the South East, including Staines, was, that very night, to be moved into a new CoViD Tier 4, which comes with a new raft of restrictions.  This comes as a blow the football world’s tentative plans to ease back into some sort of normality, coming as it did less than 24 hours after Staines was elevated from “High Risk” tier 2 to “Highest Risk” tier 3.

As a result of these new and more stringent restrictions on grass roots football, we are forced to suspend, with immediate effect, all football activity at the Club for at least the remainder of December.  This will include board meetings, committee meetings, team meetings, cup matches, friendly matches, and training sessions.

We fully understand that many of you will be very frustrated by this news.  We live in uncertain times, but we are subject to the executive powers of the Government.  Only as and when the Government update or alter the restrictions applicable to our area will we be in able to amend our position.

With the Christmas festivities already looking very different this winter, we can only sympathise with our staff, players, and fans that there will be no football at Wheatsheaf Park to help the Yule log go down, but we urge you all to stay safe and to enjoy yourselves as best you can within applicable guidelines.

Merry Christmas, and thank you to everyone at the Club for your valuable efforts so far during this strangest of all seasons.