STFC Announcement

STFC would like to announce that Kevin Rowell has been appointed to the position of Club Chairman with immediate effect.

Kevin has been a loyal servant to the club over the past three seasons and has demonstrated excellent leadership qualities in his role as General Manager, he also brings with him experience that includes the General Managers position at Ajax Cape Town in South Africa.

Outgoing Chairman Joe Dixon stated ‘ I feel that now is the right moment to step aside from my role as Chairman of STFC. I want to thank all of the fans, volunteers and staff who have supported us and I wish Kevin the very best in his new position at the club, I am sure that he will do a great job in leading the club going forward’

Incoming Chairman Kevin Rowell stated ‘ I have been involved at Staines for the past three seasons and have developed a great affection for the Club. I have worked very closely with the fans , staff and volunteers and I am very much looking forward to taking over as Chairman and pushing the club forward as best as we possibly can. Everybody is eagerly anticipating a decision from the league with regards to the current season and we are simultaneously looking at various candidates for the vacant First Team Managers position. We look forward to updating you.’