Supporters Club Boost the Budget Campaign

To thank everyone for their continued support during what was a very difficult season last year we will not be charging current members anything to renew their Supporters Club membership for this coming year, but for any new member it will remain at £20.00 adults & £10.00 for concessions. However we still want your money but this time by supporting ON the field activities and we ask you to please fully support the below.

The Supporters Club are launching a new initiative this season open to all supporters called “Boost the Budget” to help try & raise some additional funds for Anthony on the playing side. Anthony is already working hard to build a squad to compete next season and with this initiative we can help to.


Boost the Budget is a straightforward way that fans can make a big difference by contributing as little or as much money as they can – so that money can be used by the football management team to invest in improving the quality of the playing squad. It is run by Staines Town Football Club Supporters Club.

This is how it works:

You commit to making a donation to “Boost the Budget” by emailing your interest to

The Supporters Club uses the proceeds in full to boost the playing budget

A recurring payment is a great way to help us to Boost the Budget – it means that every month (or any other period you choose to select), the amount you choose to donate is added to this campaign. It also means we can clearly see how much money we can regularly deliver to the management team.

How do I subscribe?

Start by emailing your interest to

You will then receive an email on how to proceed

Then Set up a monthly Standing Order donation

£1 / £5 / £10 / £20 / £25 / £50 / £75 / £100 / £150

Or pay by Cash/Cheque giving your donation to  John Blair / David Norris  (Cheques should be made payable to Staines Town Football Club Supporters Club)


Putting money in then means the owners don’t?
No that is simply not the case! This is an additional scheme to help boost the playing budget. Any money donated to Boost the Budget is held in a separate account and managed by STFC Supporters Club. These funds are ring fenced and completely separate to the funds put into the club by the owners.

You have to give loads of money to make a difference?
Not at all! These schemes are popular in non-league football because every little helps. The funds are collected and when needed the management team can call upon them to assist with the playing budget. This could be to commit a player to signing or to top up a transfer fee. Every single pound makes a big difference.

I have to sign up forever?
No, you can make a one off donation or sign up for a standing order. You can amend, cancel or donate as and when it works for you.

Everyone will know what I donate?
No, not at all, even the Supporters Club Committee doesn’t know who donates what. Only the treasurer has access to those details. The committee know the names of contributors, so when a ‘thank you’ event is arranged, everyone can be invited regardless of amount. We are very proud of the scheme and for any contributions made. We protect the privacy of the members at all times.

I won’t get anything in return?
We can’t offer much more than our thanks at this time and hopefully a playing squad to be proud of. We believe that all monies collected should be directed to the playing squad. The players and management are completely behind the scheme and recognise its importance. The committee will always endeavour to inform you of where the funds have gone and the positive impact they have had on the squad.

I’m not sure if it’s worth it?
Other clubs at our level have had great success with similar schemes allowing them to sign players that before the scheme were simply out of their reach. So please sign up and help our club achieve great things on the pitch.

It’s complicated to arrange?
No it is very easy. Start by registering your interest by either speaking to John & David or by emailing You will then be sent an email with information on how to arrange a Standing Order, or a cheque or even cash can be received. We’re just thrilled to have people passionate about the club helping.

What if I disagree with how the money is being spent?
This is a tricky one. As a fan we will always have strong views on the squad – good and bad. We are transparent with our supporters about how the Boost the Budget is spent, but ultimately we have to go with the judgement of the manager. We are fortunate to have Anthony Gale in charge of the playing squad and we are very positive the funds will be wisely spent and don’t forget you are able to stop donating at any stage if you disagree.

Thank you for supporting this scheme to help improving the playing squad & for your continued support of Staines Town Football Club